Our Vision: Enhancing the quality of life for individuals impacted by special needs. 

Guiding them in outdoor adventures such as hunting, fishing, camping and clamming, in the renewing 

environments of lush green forests, fresh water lakes, sparkling streams and pounding ocean surf.

Welcome to Pacific NW Outdoor Adventures

We offer a wide variety of activities, designed to bring you closer to the natural environment through hunting, fishing or just enjoying the beauty of nature and it’s natural resources.

Washington State, the place where adventure begins, whether wild berry picking, casting for trout, trolling for salmon, digging for clams, hunting for elk, deer, cougar, turkey,  waterfowl, or other game, hunting and fishing is a great way to put fresh, local food on the dinner table.

Since history has been written, man has hunted, fished, and harvested fresh foods. Washington State has a grand banquet of wild berries, nuts, fruits, and many other forms of produce to harvest.

PNWOA is committed to all things outdoors; hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, conservation, and our purpose is to introduce those that have never been, or have not been able to enjoy the great outdoors due to a special need, or medical opportunity.

To enjoy the outdoors, God’s gift to mankind, to be able to partake of the great design of nature. Please go to the "join us" page and sign up.

Since 2008 we have helped many achieve their dreams of outdoor experiences. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the experience of the outdoors. Our purpose is to assist those who have trouble experiencing outdoor activities due to special needs.

We are a group of individuals who work as a team to accomplish what one could only dream of with special needs, some of us ourselves are living that way now and know the frustration of the challenges of doing outdoor activities and we attempt to make things more advantageous for those who join us.
Different times throughout the year, we plan different adventures. You can join us on many of them by applying on our join us page. When you join us on an adventure, we ask that you take into consideration the possible cost of the necessary licenses and tags as we request you purchase them after having been accepted to join us. Any donations we recieve go straight into the funding of the next trip out.
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