Our Vision: Enhancing the quality of life for individuals impacted by special needs. 

Guiding them in outdoor adventures such as hunting, fishing, camping and clamming, in the renewing 

environments of lush green forests, fresh water lakes, sparkling streams and pounding ocean surf.

Application to Join Us

If you have any special needs and would like to experience any outdoor activity such as fishing, camping, or hunting, let us know. We offer a variety of 1 day, weekend, and week long trips, or more depending on what you are looking for. Please choose your interest and what season you would like to go below. 

Application to Join

Let us know if you have any food allergies or illness related dietary needs.

Fishing (Choose Season):
Trap Shooting (Choose Season):
Clamming (Choose Season):
Crabbing (Choose Season):
Huckleberry Picking (Fall Only):
Wildlife Viewing (Choose Season):
Kayaking (Choose Season):
Beach Combing (Summer Only):
Email: *
Date of birth:
Please list your special needs are so we may assist you in participating in the event you have chosen. Please be detail specific, ie: “I am wheelchair bound. I use a prosthetic device on my left leg, etc.

Please keep in mind that all events are on a first, come first serve basis and will be implemented as budget allows. All contact and  personal information shall be kept confidential and secure at PNWOA’s head office. Event recipients will be contacted several weeks prior to an event becoming available.

We look forward to living an adventure with you in the near future. PNWOA  Staff.

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