Our Vision: Enhancing the quality of life for individuals impacted by special needs. 

Guiding them in outdoor adventures such as hunting, fishing, camping and clamming, in the renewing 

environments of lush green forests, fresh water lakes, sparkling streams and pounding ocean surf.

Success Stories
Our staff have been fortunate to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful people. Here are some of their stories.

Christopher Erickson

"I want to thank Pacific NW Outdoor Adventures for the many opportunities to experience the life of the great outdoors. The many life lessons they passed onto me will never be forgotten. From general outdoor knowledge, tree climbing, star gazing, hunting, and elaborate camp sites, PNWOA covers it all.

Born with a birth defect, which caused me to be missing the radius bone in both my arms, I have been challenged in life to use different methods to complete tasks that a person with normal length arms would complete without a struggle. Wanting to hunt black tail deer and get my very own trophy antler rack, I went on a hunting trip with this wonderful group in the lush Cascade Mountains. Being that my arms are short, I am unable to hold a normal rifle up to shoot at a target, or even hit the broadside of a barn. PNWOA went out of their way to adapt a hunting rifle to fit my needs. Cutting the rear stock down so I could shoulder the rifle and equipping it with a front grip, I was able to aim and fire the rifle with delicate accuracy. With this new rifle I was able to shoot my own deer in the next hunting season to follow. Even though the buck wasn’t the largest in the area, the joy of carrying my own gun and getting the kill shot was all the excitement I could have dreamed of.

On what would seem just a typical camping trip along the banks of the Columbia River, with the group of PNWOA, the experiences are so memorable, it makes each trip remarkably unique. The vast wilderness is so awe inspiring.  I feel privileged to have camped and enjoyed the outdoors with such a fun and exciting group of individuals that care for you and the wilderness’s well being. Waking up early to sit on the edge of a lake to watch the sun rise and see the ducks frolic in the water, walks along elk trails to the top of mountains are just some of the experiences I have had with PNWOA. The vast amount of stars seen as you take a few steps away from the campfire up in those mountains gives you a view of beauty rarely seen. My first experience of salmon fishing along that river will stay with me forever.

Now living in rural Florida I cherish the opportunities that I get to go home and take a trip with PNWOA into the green mountains of the Pacific Northwest. With their help I have been given the opportunity to see and experience a nature filled world."

Bree Ackley 

        I  am extremely grateful that this opportunity was given to us. What your organization did for us is amazing. I can't find the words that do it justice. I know that with out Pacific Northwest outdoor adventure my daughter would most likely never have been on the beach again. Brynn's family thanks you for allowing her to enjoy things that wouldn't be possible. We all had a lot of fun and the fact that she could be included brings tears to my eyes. Due to her disability she isn't able to be included in a lot of "family" outdoor activities because of lack of accessibility. Your organization has made accessibility possible for Brynn and many others that never thought it was.
Thank you, 
Brea, Jason, Brynn, and family

A.J. Sallee

The key to any successful event is preparation — the Clamming Caper was no exception!

Scouring the local sports store for just the right equipment — "that’s a clam gun?!" — full body waders to protect from the elements (rain, wind and waves). When I put mine on, I resembled a rotund brown smurf! OK, up before the sun, out to the beach, trekking over the sand dunes to join the throngs of people with the same goal—the elusive and canny
razor clam. So, with visions of clam dip, fried clams and clam chowder to spur me on, I donned my waders to follow Rick over the dunes. After a live tutorial on the techniques of spotting the evidence that beneath the sandy surface lurks the elusive clam we set off.

Rick with the eyes of an eagle spots the tell tale “dimple," plunges the “gun” at just the right angle into the sand and pulls up a core of compacted sand. He tapped it with his toe and it fell apart revealing the prize!! I repeated these simple steps—practicing, for the time my tapping on the core of sand would reveal my prize!! And then it happened, I spotted the dimple, plunged the gun at just the right angle, put my thumb over the hole in the gun pulled up and WAHOO! I got my first clam. Later, we could take these tasty morsels to be cleaned and prepared for future delicacies. The cleaning was enhanced by tasting some golden fried clams , yum!!! This was indeed an adventure for me, and with Rick's patient oversight I had a great time. There is nothing we can’t do if we just take our time.

Notes from Rick:
A. J.  having had both hips replaced had a great zeal and desire to be successful on this clam dig. I remember explicitly hearing her scream for joy each time she found and dug a clam by herself without any help from me. That alone made my heart jump for joy in knowing one more physically challenged individual achieved success.

George Chudacoff

In 2007, Rick came to me wanting to learn to play banjo. We hit it off very quickly with our love for music and the outdoors. I explained to Rick that I have been diagnosed with terminal esophagus cancer and between my chemo and everything else I didn't know how long I would be around.

Rick shared with me some photos of a couple Merriam turkeys he had gotten over the last couple of years and I made a comment that I had never gone turkey hunting and would love to experience it before I leave this place. Two weeks later at lessons, Rick told me he had permission for us to hunt the property where he had taken his birds and that we would be going the following April. I couldn't explain the feeling I got knowing someone cared enough to take me.

To make a long story short, I didn't get a shot off but we did have those birds within a couple feet away gobbling their heads off. What an exhilarating experience!

Thank you for making a lifelong dream come true.

Notes from Rick:
George passed away in November of 2008. We shared many moments of fishing and hunting together. He will truly be missed.

Barry Wade Hopkins  7/2012

I would like to thank the Wounded Warriors & all the volunteers from Pacific NW outdoor Adventures  for inviting me on the annual fishing trip. It was honestly the best time i have had in 27 years! Thank you for all your hard work and generosity.

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